Charles Megerman

To Whom It May Concern: It is with pleasure, joy, and pride that I write this letter of reference and support for Rabbi Binyomin Davis; but first a little background. Rabbi Davis, a respected Kollel Rabbi, was already known as an outstanding musician prior to our approaching him to be the band for my son’s wedding. My wife and I had seen him perform any number of times at our shule, usually a three-piece combo, and it was always wonderful. It was clear that he was a classically trained cellist, aand that he could play with equal expertise any number of string instruments. And better than that, Rabbi Davis possess what in Yiddish would be referred to as ‘…ah ziezha neshoma…’, a sweet soul. His love of Judaism, his love for our culture, our people, and our music is simply excellent. So with all this in mind, we approached Rabbi Davis and he graciously accepted to create a band. My son’s wedding was most likely the most festive wedding Kansas City has experienced in many years. It will be the benchmark by which other weddings are compared; and we owe it all to Rabbi Davis. Rabbi Davis and his ensemble, played their hearts out. A number of many long sets, all with spirit and gusto. His band was so good, that even our Gentile guests were busy dancing and I do mean dancing. It was an exceptionally lively wedding. I have one more child to marry off, and I can assure you my wife and I will be retaining Rabbi Davis for this function. I wish he lived in town when my other two children married. I would highly recommend Rabbi Davis for any Jewish simcha. You will not be disappointed. Please feel free to call me at the number listed above to further discuss the musical abilities of Rabbi Binyomin Davis. Respectfully, Charles Megerman

Jeff Horen, father of the Kallah, KC

Binyomin, Thank you for doing such a great job. The music was perfect for the occasion, as you promised. I just watched a video of us walking Melissa down the aisle and your singing brought it all back to me.

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